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Click here for downloadable PDF version of the Points Rules.


1. The track points system will begin with the first points race, 2021, and ends with the 2021 race.  The plan is to have xx competitive races for points.  As it stands, the best xx finishes, including unallowable drops, will count towards track points.  Rainouts will be subtracted from the number of finishes that count toward track points to ensure that each driver is guaranteed 2 drops during the season.

2. Eligibility requirements are specified in the Club Rules.  Novices will not be eligible for track points, but will be eligible for a participation award if they meet the minimum requirements.

3. Heat lineups will be from a random pill draw.  To set feature (main) starting positions, a random invert will be set based off of pill draw. For Juniors, positions one through four at the conclusion of the heat race or qualifying will be randomly inverted. For Seniors, positions one through five at the conclusion of the heat race or qualifying will be randomly inverted. The winner of the heat or qualifying session will pull a pill to determine how many positions will be inverted.

4. Points will be earned for heat/timing and main event positions for each designated points race. Each class/division championship will be based on the best 10 (minus rainouts) sets of points including unallowable drops.  If there is a tie at the completion of the season, the awards given to each driver involved will indicate a tie.  There will be no tie-breaking procedures.

5. The Points Distribution shall be as shown in Table 1 with the following clarifications:

a. Did Not Attempt (DNA).  No points will be awarded to a driver that registered but did not make the racing surface.

b. Did Not Start (DNS).  Last place points will be awarded to a driver that fails to take the initial double file green flag for a given race. 
c. Disqualified (DQ).  No points will be awarded to a driver that receives a DQ for a given race.  Further, if a driver’s engine is found to be illegal for a main event, they shall also receive a DQ for the heats/timing of the same event as well.  If a driver receives a DQ, drivers finishing in the mains behind them will move up a spot in the finishing order.  And receive any awards associated with the finish. The following DQs shall be deemed an unallowable drop.


  i.  Any DQ resulting in a Tech Suspension

 ii.  Flagrant Unsportsmanlike Conduct

iii.  Signaling by Handler to Driver under green flag conditions.

iv.  Any DQ resulting in a black flag and the car does not leave the track as described in Article 8, Section 3,  4.(S)(1) and Section 5,10(D) of the QMA Rule Book.

All other DQs will be deemed allowable drops.

d. Did Not Finish (DNF).  A driver that receives a DNF will receive points based on their finishing position.

e. In the event of a rainout during an A-main event, that race will be made up in its entirety on the next scheduled race day.  Any driver unable to participate in that rescheduled A-main event will be awarded last place points.  If multiple cars are unable to participate then they are all awarded the same last place points.  The X car will be allowed to race if a car from the original line-up is officially disqualified or scratched.

f. Points awarded at any race meet will not be challengeable after 2 or more race meets are completed.

6.  Changing divisions within a class shall be in accordance with QMA rules and the following additional requirements regarding the points championship:

a. Drivers will be allowed only one non-mandatory move from division to division in each class in which they are competing for points.
b. No points shall be transferred from one division to another.
c. In the event a driver turns 9 (or becomes 100 pounds or more) toward the end of the season, that driver can “freeze” their junior (or light) points and race as a senior (or heavy) using the later dates as drops.


7. All point rules for the current racing year must be submitted to the general membership for majority vote prior to the first points race of that year.  If this is not done, the prior year's points rules apply for that year.



Table 1. Points Distribution based on Finish Position.

8. Following the completion of the heats/qualifying, the random determination of the number of spots of inversion for the main will occur.  The determination will occur in a publicly visible place where all can see. For the Junior and Novice classes, the range will be from 0/1 to 4, and for the Senior classes, it will be 0/1 to 5.


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