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  • What is Quarter Midget Racing?
    Quarter Midget racing is a form of automobile racing for children aged 5-16 years old. The cars are approximately one-quarter (1/4) the size of a full-midget car. Silver City's track is banked 1/20th oval mile. Children and families have been racing here since 1958. NASCAR Cup Drivers Joey Logano and Ryan Preece learned to race here as youngsters.
  • Do I need my own car?
    Yes. You will need to purchase your own car. There are many resources available in order to accomplish this. Most families entering the sport choose to purchase a used car however there are many chassis builders available who offer new ones as well. The cars are durable and hold their value well so a car even 8-10 years old or more are commonly competitive. A good starting point would be to join the many Facebook groups that offer not only cars and parts but more importantly FREE advice.
  • What tools will I need?
    Working on the cars is relatively simple and most adjustments and repairs can be done easily. Almost all chassis builders offer baseline setups available online that are easy to follow and involve only basic hand tools.
  • How much does equipment cost?
    Most new families find that a decent used car is the best option and will cost between $1500-$3000 depending on it’s age and what parts are included. Although this may seem expensive it is important to note that the cars and equipment retain their value extremely well and in most circumstances they can be re-sold easily for not much less than what you may have paid. Since our sport is only for children ages 5-16 years old there is always a healthy used cars and parts market. As children grow larger and older they essentially are feeding our younger newer families with cars, parts, tools and other misc. equipment. Almost everything can be found new or used online. Facebook Marketplace is a great resource and joining any of the Quarter midget Facebook pages will lead to vast amounts of equipment and knowledge. You will need some safety gear that is required including a helmet, fireproof race suit, neck collar or “Hans” type device, arm restraints, and fireproof gloves. This safety equipment can all be purchased new and you should budget $300 and up.
  • How do I join the club?
    There are two registrations required. One to Silver City Quarter Midget Club and the other to Quarter Midgets of America (done online). Dues for both clubs are approximately $280 yearly. Registration is easy and any club member can guide you on how to go about it.
  • What does my club and national dues pay for?
    Silver City and QMA dues are used to pay rent, maintenance, utilities, insurance, trophies, supplies, propane, internet, etc. Many of these costs are also off set by our concession stand, track entry fees, and fundraising.
  • How safe is Quarter Midget Racing?
    Very Safe! Despite the perceived danger of auto racing, our sport is safer than most team sports like football, basketball, baseball, or soccer. Even minor injuries are rare. Our safety protocols are taken extremely seriously, and ALL drivers and cars are checked EVERY time before entering the track. Each car has a 5 point safety harness checked every race. Each cars brakes are checked every race. Each child's helmet and fasteners are checked every race. Each child’s neck collar or hans type device is checked before every race. Every child is required to wear arm restraints (keeps their arms and hands in the car in the event of an accident). Checked every race. Each child is required to wear their fire retardant suit and gloves. Check before every race.
  • Are they Go -Karts?
    No, they are actually real race cars that are scaled down versions of full race size cars. If you call them Go-Karts, you will be corrected quickly. The cars have fully adjustable suspensions with shocks, springs, and other features that dictate their performance on the track. It’s this “adjustability” that is part of what makes the sport so fun. Race teams experiment with different “set-ups” in order to make their cars more competitive.
  • I’m not handy and I don’t know anything about racing. How will I learn?
    You will find that the Quarter Midget community is a tight knit group and there are no dumb questions. Newbies are welcomed with open arms and guided thru every step of this wonderful sport. Silver City hosts a Novice school for beginners each spring which is for our new families as much as it is for our new drivers. This school covers everything you need to know to begin, but more importantly it introduces you to seasoned families and drivers which without doubt is your most valuable resource.
  • How fast do Quarter Midget Race cars go?
    Quarter Midget tracks are designed specifically for 1/4 midgets and must conform to QMA specs of approximately 1/20 mile. Novice classes are “governed” with restrictor plates until our novice committee deems the driver competent enough to move on to faster less restricted or non-restricted classes. Rookie lap times are normally in the 8-9 second range which equates to speeds around 25mph. Those speeds increase with higher powered engine classes and at that point lap times can reach into the 5 second range for our fastest classes.
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?
    This sport is like no other…. few quit. It’s critical to realize that it’s not just a sport for your child but more importantly for your family. The vast majority of our race teams are comprised of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and aunts, uncles and friends. Most find it difficult to come to the track on a race day and not get involved. We have members whose children have retired years prior that are at the track every race day. Your child is the driver but you are the TEAM. The club is self-run by our members and functions as a volunteer not for profit organization. We have no paid employees and each member is expected to contribute to the general operation of the track. Help is required in the following areas including scoring, concession, flagging, race directing, safety, grounds maintenance, tech, etc. We have an elected Board of Directors which helps to coordinate and schedule everything so the race days run smoothly. There are also many “behind the scenes” non-race day duties that need to be fulfilled. There is something for everyone to be a part of.
  • What are the Rules? Who governs and enforces them?
    Silver City is sanctioned by Quarter Midgets of America (QMA). They are the National organization that governs our sport. All the QMA tracks across the country follow the same rules. Like any sport, auto racing can be very competitive and QMA and Silver City work together to keep the playing field level. Cars, engines, weights, ages, fuel, tires, etc are all routinely and randomly checked to keep our sport fair and honest. QMA distributes a rule book every year to all members that is also available online at


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