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  • 11:59pm Thursday night before the race or you are considered a late sign in - a $10 fee PER CAR is assessed to your sign in fees and you will start tail in the lowest heat race.

  • This is only pre-registration so tower can get prepared... you still need to come to Sign Ins (7:30am - 9:00am) on Saturday morning when the announcement is made to confirm your driver's classes and pay.

  • ONE driver per completed form.

  • Indicate transponder needs (this is explained on form).  

  • **Please make sure you bring your personal transponder to Sign Ins so we can confirm that the number is still the same or we can add it to MoScore - once this is done one time it will automatically connect for the remainder of the time you use that #!

  • You MUST have a transponder bracket so the transponder can be mounted on the outside of the car! Transponders in pockets or anywhere besides the correct transponder placement do not track well or at all! (See QMA rulebook page 30, rule 2C).

  • Also, please make sure you have a QMA and VEGA sticker on the right side of your cars.  If you do not have these stickers, they will be available in the tower.  Please have them affixed to the right side of your car prior to racing.

  • If there are any questions, please email

  • For this race we need to know if this if your driver's first time in a competitive class that they did not race last season, they will start tail in their heat AND main race for the first day (this does not apply to novices).

Directions to Track


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