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Lead: Responsible for organizing, getting raffle tickets and coverage for events, calculating money and giving to the treasurer.  Children under 16 can not sell tickets.

Committee Description:  Sell 50/50 raffle tickets on race day events.  Also in charge of the Chinese Raffles at race day events and the banquet.



Lead: Responsible for the purchasing, preparation, & serving of food, and cleaning concession after completion of the race day. Coordinating schedule of people working shifts.
Committee Description: Concession workers responsible for their 4 hour shifts they sign up for  - cash register, preparing or running grill.



Lead:  Responsible for organizing, preparing and scheduling financial audits. Works with the treasurer.

Committee Description: keep track of financials and treasurers books - 2 audits a year prepared by lead.



Lead: Responsible for training new flaggers and coordinating flagging schedule for race days.

Committee Description: Flags races, in communication with Race Director, Tower, and Judges during race.  Flaggers need to be in contact with the lead to schedule flagging of races.



Lead: Responsible for scheduling of committee duties for all race days - *everyone on committee is required to do trash pick up*

Committee Descriptions

  • Race Day - put out garbage cans, empty as required throughout the day, empty and put garbage cans away at the end of the race day, check concession garbage and lock dumpsters.

  • Non race day - mow grass and trim as required--including playground.



Lead:  Responsible for organizing and training new novices. Keeping communication open with Novices throughout the novice year.

Committee Description: Working under Novice director/lead to train new drivers in class and race day events. Participate in all training classes and support and help Novices during race days. Keep Novices updated of their progress during the year. Novice committee consists of the President, race, safety and tech directors and any experienced members.



Lead:  Responsible for sending race results to each points committee member and sending the final points to publicity for publishing on the website.    Committee Description: Collecting and calculating points and finalizing weekly race results at the end of each race day once received and confirming accuracy with the Lead.



Lead: Responsible for website, facebook and any & all promotional event planning and sponsorships.

Committee Description: Works with publicity director/lead and is responsible and in charge of Promotional Day, obtaining race sponsorships, advertising, cross promotion, Website and Facebook.



Lead: Responsible to the Board of Directors for the administration and interpretation of all rules, regulations, classification of all cars and drivers, and all racing procedures having to do with the conduct of all qualifying, competitive training and educational programs and race events.  Weigh all drivers prior to each race. They make no technical, safety or scoring decisions unless requested to do so by the Starter, Technical Director, Safety Director or Head Scorer, nor may they serve in any of these capacities while they are Race Director. 

Committee Description: carries out the duties of the race director/lead when not available



Lead:  Responsible for keeping the bathroom schedule for the committee and advising concession for any products needed. (Rotation schedule being used)

Committee Description: Weekly cleanup and upkeep of both restrooms before, during, and after race day events. Keep track of toilet paper, paper towels, soap or cleaning products that are needed.



Lead:  Responsible for inspecting all cars and equipment for safety compliance.

Committee Description: inspect cars and equipment for safety, track fueling at specific scheduled events.



Lead: Responsible for all cars meeting QMA technical requirements and scheduling scale house duties.       . 

Committee Description: Weekly set up of scale house, check cars post heats and races for weight, wheelbase & transponder compliance.  Impounding of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cars after each race.



Lead:  Responsible for scheduling duties throughout the day and must be available for coverage if needed.

Committee Description:  Call classes and stage all cars in pole barn.  Check all driver for seat belts, wrist restraints, helmets, neck brace or hans device and check for transponders.



Lead:  Responsible for transponders being charged before race day, start up money for sign ins, race day formats, waivers to be out and signed, wrist bands, pill draws and computer ready for the race day.

Committee Description: Paper scoring, moscore (computer), communicate with flaggers and race directors, make announcements, post lineups, bring lineups to pole barn, charge radios and headsets.



Lead:  Responsible for scheduling the duties and verifying tasks are completed and available for coverage if needed.  

Committee Description: Set up and take down of lights, scoreboard, timer, fire extinguishers, safety vests, flags and carts.



Lead:  Responsible for ordering trophies and awards.

Committee Description: Weekly setup and distribution of trophies after all Tech Inspections are complete.



Lead:  Responsible for organizing year end activities

Committee Description: Guest speaker, Video, Banquet Book, Ads for Banquet Book, Yearbook, place, invites, trophies, awards, pictures needed


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