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  1. Per Article, I, Section 3, A, #7 and #9 and B, #4 and #5, of this club’s Bylaws Dues and Insurance are as follows:

  • Active Member:  $125.00 if paid after Oct 31st of each year and you forfeit the opportunity to choose a committee.  $100.00 if paid between Sept 1st and Oct 31st.

  • QMA Insurance:  $25.00 (Home Track SCJMSA only)-QMA covering

  • QMA Dues:  $150.00 or as assessed by QMA (SCJMSA only)

  • Dual Member:   $130.00 Club Dues, Regular QMA Dues – Must be a full-time member at another track and be in good standings at their designated home track. Can run all events and be eligible for points. Must participate in race day duties when signed in. Not responsible for concession, work parties or promotional events. Dual members are not eligible to vote.

  • Honorary Member:  Club Dues-Free

  • Lifetime Member:  Club Dues-FREE.  QMA Dues-FREE-paid for by the club.

  • Alternate Handler:  $75.00-Club dues & QMA Insurance.  $75.00-QMA Dues.  $150.00 Total.


All Silver City dues become payable before January 1, or you will be considered a new member.  Club Dues, QMA Insurance, and QMA Dues, as owed, must be paid at the same time.


Deleted 2/17/23 - 1.a.  We will use the National Work Rule at all weekly events.


2. a.  "Pit fees per race are $20 for the first car and $15 for each additional car Per Driver.  No sign-ins shall be accepted without payment of the appropriate fees. There shall be a $25 returned check fee charge.   After a second offense, checks will no longer be accepted."

b. No sign-ins shall be accepted without the payment of the appropriate pit fees.  Late sign-ins will start scratch in both Heat and Main events according to the order of sign-in.  There will be a $10.00 per car late sign-in fee.  If the heat is a qualifier, the late sign-ins will start last in their heat.  They will transfer to the appropriate Main according to their finishing position; however they will start scratch in that Main.  You will not be allowed to sign-in once the Main line-ups have been posted.  If the qualifying is being done by timing, any car signing in after warm ups for its class/division have started will not be allowed to time.  They may take a “no time” and start scratch behind all other “no time” cars.  Clarification:  This rule only affects the line-up of cars signing in late.  All other cars will be lined up and start in the normal manner.

c. Removed 2015. (merged with 2a)

d. If you are a member of Silver City Junior Motorsports Association that has joined on or before the last work party in April, you must complete at least one work party or you’ll be subjected to a $150.00 fine for not completing a work party. You will not be able to start the racing season until this fine has been paid.  You will be assigned to the concession schedule, and be assigned a committee job, when you join the club.


3.  In the event that the number of registered cars exceeds the maximum allowable entries for a single “A” main event, multiple heat races will be run, divided up as evenly as possible based on the number of registrations. Finishing order will determine placement in all mains. In the event that two cars have the same finishing spot, but in different heat races, the car with the better pill draw will be considered the higher finisher. For determination of cars to the “A” main the following will be used:


For Divisions that field 10 Cars per QMA rule.


In the event of 2 heat races – the top 3 from each heat will transfer to the A main for a total of 6 with the remaining cars running lower mains based on finishing order


In the event of 3 heat races – the top 2 from each heat will transfer to the A main for a total of 6 with the remaining cars running lower mains based on finishing order

In the event of 4 heat races – the top 2 from each heat will transfer to the A main for a total of 8 with the remaining cars running lower mains based on finishing order


In the event of 5 heat races – the top 1 from each heat will transfer to the A main for a total of 5 with the remaining cars running lower mains based on finishing order


In the event of 6 heat races – the top 1 from each heat will transfer to the A main for a total of 6 with the remaining cars running lower mains based on finishing order


In the event of 7 heat races – the top 1 from each heat will transfer to the A main for a total of 7 with the remaining cars running lower mains based on finishing order


In the event of 8 heat races – the top 1 from each heat will transfer to the A main for a total of 8 with the remaining cars running lower mains based on finishing order


In the event of 9 heat races – the top 1 from each heat will transfer to the A main for a total of 9 with the remaining cars running lower mains based on finishing order


In the event of 10 or more heat races required, that particular class will forego heat races and use qualifying to determine running order, with the top 5 fastest qualifiers going directly to the A main


Cars that fail to start their scheduled heat race will start scratch in the last Main event in the order they would have started their heat race.


4.  Each Silver City member will be required to participate on two committees, one club (non-race day)  committee (grounds, publicity etc) and one race day committee (flagging, concession etc).  If there are not enough openings for a family to choose a club (non-race day) committee, that family must sign up for a second race day committee. Sign-ups for the committees will be available at the January club meeting.  Anyone not signing up for committees by the end of the March Club meeting will be placed where needed and must fulfill the duties of such committee.  The Board of Directors will determine race day and non-race day committees.  The Board of Directors will have the responsibility of appointing members to committees as needed.


5.  "QMA Rules and Procedures shall be used for race day events unless specifically altered per the club rules."


Deleted 2/17/23 - 6.  Racing will be on Saturdays and /or Sundays, April through October with sign-ins beginning at 9:30 am, ending at 10:30, drivers/handlers meeting at 11 am and racing beginning at 11:30 am.  Novice practice will be from 10:30-11 am.  The Board of Directors will have the flexibility to make changes in the schedule.


7.  Safety inspection will be made before the first race and as new cars appear for the first time.  All cars to be checked at the sign-in area, inspections will be done during the racing season to ensure that all cars continue to meet safety requirements.  Cars will be inspected by either the Safety or Technical Committee.**Any member intending to run a car that was already safetied in that year by a different owner must provide an updated safety sheet completed with new owner and Safety Director or committee member before racing - safety sheets can not be transferred between owners.**


8.  Any car that does not get a safety check and attempts to go onto the racing surface will be disqualified for the day. Therefore they will not be able to race that class in which they were entered.


9.  All cars will have 3 numbers plainly visible from the tower on the left side front cowl, (on the car near the switch), on the right side of the rear bonnet and on the middle of the hood.  Paper numbers will be issued as necessary.  Any car not having numbers in their proper place will be asked to go to the pits for proper adjustment during warm-ups, if warm-ups are over, that car will start in the rear position.  If you fail to call your car in to adjust the numbers, your car will not be scored by the tower. 


10.  No car will be allowed to operate at any time unless properly muffled with one or more Briggs 5 HP mufflers (#294599 or equivalent) with no hole per QMA in the baffle of the muffler.  No alterations are allowed to the exhaust end of the mufflers.  No reversals.  The Technical Committee must approve ALL mufflers.  No cars will be allowed on the track after 9:00pm (lights will be on an automatic timer), except on race nights.  An approved fire extinguisher is required at all practice sessions.


11a.  All starts will be roll and go. Warm up/hot lapping may be implemented at the discretion of the Club Race Director or Assistant Race Director due to track conditions.  


11b. If during the warm-up period preceding a Main Event, Semi-Main Event or Main Event Qualifying race, any car sustains damage due to an accident, an additional five (5) minute repair period will be given if requested by the handler of a damaged car.  This repair period will only be given once per race and the damage must have occurred prior to the call for line-up by the flag person.  (I.e. Accidents occurring after the flag person calls for a line-up and prior to the green flag dropping will not be eligible for the 5-minute repair period.)  If the 5-minute repair is requested and granted by the Race Director or his assistant, the black flag will be displayed at the end of the warm-up period.  All cars will exit the track to the hot chute.  No cars allowed out on the track during this repair period.  All cars may be worked on during the repair time without penalty.  At the end of the 5-minute repair time or when all handlers announce that they are ready, all cars will enter the track and line-up in the original line-up order.  Any car that is not running under its own power when the flag person calls for a line-up will start at the rear of the field.  If after this repair period and before the green drops a car enters the track and then for any reason leaves the track it will be considered to be late and will be started at the rear of the field.


11c. The judges will be in their designated area to observe all races. All cars must stay in the position in which they entered the track until they are given the line up signal by the flag person. There will be no passing under yellow and no excessive bumping. If a car is passing under yellow prior to the flag person giving the line up signal such as pointing to the lineup board, either single or double file, or if a driver is excessively bumping at any time they will be placed at the back of the starting order.

Passing under yellow and excessive bumping either during line up or prior may lead to unnecessary damage to cars and delays in races.


12.  Awards will be given to first, second and third place finishers weekly.


13.  "A driver must participate in at least 60% of the point races to receive a points trophy.  A driver must participate in 40% of the season’s races to be recognized at the year-end banquet and receive a driver’s gift.  A driver not able to meet this requirement due to illness or other extenuating circumstance may still receive an award at the discretion of the Board of Directors."


14.  In order to qualify as a retiring driver, a driver must race at least three years and at least once in the current racing season as a Silver City member. Hardships and drivers unable to race three years due to age will be considered by the Board of Directors.


15. Removed 2015


16.  Club meetings will be held upon the availability of the American Legion hall and will be listed in the monthly newsletter.


17.  Removed 2015


18.  Removed 2015


19.  When timing is used to qualify for starting positions in the Main Events the QMA Grands Timing format will be used.  The only change to the Grands Timing format will be that the competitors will draw for timing order rather than have sign-in order determine timing order.


20.  Deleted February 18, 2005


21.  Silver City will allow NOVICE ONLY yearly track records (separate records).  Whenever the clock is out, all Novice track records will be open.  A special award will be given at the banquet to the members of our club who hold the yearly track record for Jr. and Sr. Novice.


22.  Each member claiming Silver City as their home track will be responsible for filling

assigned Concession Stand duties during the racing season. An established number of concession stand duties will be designated prior to the start of the race season, all members will be expected to sign up for duties prior to opening day. A penalty of Two Hundred ($200) Dollars will be assessed for failure to work in the concession stand on your assigned day or if you do not find a replacement. If a replacement is not found by you by the beginning of your shift, you will not race again until you fulfill your concession

duty or pay the Two Hundred Dollar fine. If someone does not show up for their assigned duty an announcement will be made from the tower that a replacement is needed in the concession stand for the day. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to exempt a family from one (1) concession duty per year, not for the season. Any exception made to the concession schedule needs to be approved by the team leaders of the concession committee. The replacement shall be at least 16 years of age to run the register or pick up window, and 18 years of age to run the grill or fryer. Members have the option to pay a “buy-out” of $ 100.00 per shift prior to the start of the racing season. Members who do not sign up for the designated shifts prior to the start of the race season will be expected to pay the “buy out” fee per shift or sign up for designated shifts before they are allowed to race at Silver City. The person filling in will get $100.00.



23.  The Lead Flagger shall be appointed by the board of directors.  The Lead Flagger shall be directly responsible to the Race Director.  The Lead Flagger will be in full charge of all drivers and for discipline of all drivers while on the track. They may lecture both new and older drivers before and after each race meet. Lead Flagger is responsible for assigning race day flagging duties. 


24.  "Whenever the "clock is out" for individual timing events (such as States Race and Super Features), track records will be open provided that: 1. All cars participating in the timing event use the same fuel and 2. A mandatory tech inspection is performed by the Technical Committee for all track records broken."


25.  The Club Rules will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in January and recommendations submitted at the February meeting for disposition.


26.  Names of assistants to the Race Director, Technical Director, Safety Director, Publicity Director, Treasurer and Secretary must be submitted to the Board of Directors before the April meeting for their approval.  A list will be sent to the membership before the first race meet.  The Board of Directors will appoint someone in the absence of an assistant.


27.  No video equipment will be used in the decision of a call.


28.  Moved to Rule 1.a. (February 18,2022)


29.  In case of inclement weather the Race Director will make a decision as to calling the races as early as possible.  It will be the member’s responsibility to call the President or Race Director to learn of this decision or to check the website and/or email.


30.  There shall be NO Smoking at monthly meetings held at the American Legion.


31.  The Board of Directors will create a proposed schedule for the up-coming year’s race events.  The proposed schedule will be submitted to the membership at the January/February club meeting for approval.


32.  Removed 2015


33.  Non-racing activities such as skateboarding, ball playing, roller skating, use of radio-controlled cars, etc. shall not be allowed in, on or around the racing or staging areas of the track during racing.  Bikes are not allowed on Legion grounds. The Safety Director will enforce this rule.


34.  No smoking will be allowed under the Pole Barn, in the Hot Chute, on the Judges Stand, in the Scale Area, or on the racetrack. This is to include “traditional” smoking as well as the use of E-cigarettes and Vaping.  The Safety Director and Board of Directors has the authority to designate other areas as “No Smoking”.


35. If a car is disqualified during a race, and does not immediately leave the track when shown the black flag, the flag person will show the flag two (2) more times (on the next two (2) laps).  If the car still has not exited the track, the race will be stopped (red flag) and the disqualified car will be removed.  Then the race will be restarted from the last recorded lap.  If the race must be stopped for this procedure, the disqualified driver and handler will not be allowed to race for the next two scheduled race events, excluding QMA sanctioned events.


36.  If any person designated to judge or their qualified replacement is not on the judge's stand or in their corner prior to hot laps, their driver will be put to the back of the next entered race that day or next entered race day.


37.  Any handler not in good standing with Silver City Jr. Motorsports Assoc. will not be allowed to race at our track until the fines or work related items are satisfied to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors.  This applies to members and non-members.

Good Standing: Term used to describe any member that has paid all local and national dues, fees, fines etc., and has completed all duties required by the club and organization, and is not currently serving a suspension. (NOTE: Level 1 warning, tech suspension, and probation does not affect member’s status).


38. Removed 2015


39.  Silver City MAY have a mandatory Membership Meeting.  The Board of Directors will determine the date/s of these meetings and make notification to all members AT LEAST 30 days in advance of said meeting/s.  Failure to attend these meetings will result in a $150.00 fine per meeting.  There will be Hardship relief under certain circumstances, such circumstances will require a majority vote from the Board of Directors for approval.


40.  Each Novice member (new and old) claiming Silver City as their home track will be responsible for completing assigned Tower Training during the race season.  Each week, selected novice members will be assigned a “T” to indicate they will participate in Tower Training.  If you are unable to fulfill your training, you must get a different novice family to replace you.  Replacement must be approved by Tower lead or designee for that day. Should a member not show up or secure a replacement, this will result in no racing at Silver City until this individual makes arrangements to complete training. After arrangements have been made by the member to make-up for their missed Tower Training, the member’s novice driver will start at the back of each following heat race until their Tower Training has been completed. An exception made to the Tower Training schedule needs to be approved by the tower lead/assistant lead. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to exempt people from Tower Training.


41.  You must be an Active or Dual Member to practice at our track during Non-Racing Events. Violators will not be allowed at our facility for 6 months.


42.  If you live in Region 1 you must belong to a club in Region 1, in order to race in Region 1.


43. Time limit:

A:   If time runs out under green or yellow – there will be one restart with the current amount of laps remaining, the next yellow or checkered flag will end the race. In the event the next flag is yellow or red, cars will be placed in order they were last scored and a checkered flag will be waved over the field.

B:  QMA Scoring Procedures will be used to determine finishing order.


44.  "Unless previously determined by the BODs and advertised to the club members, timing and heat line-ups will be determined randomly (i.e. pill draw).  Each car will select a separate number."


45. Removed 2015


46. Super Features will qualify by individual timing. Line ups will be set based on fastest time with no invert. Track records will be open.  All cars participating in individual timing will use the same fuel, such as in a pump-around. 

47.  New members will be eligible to vote in QMA and/or Silver City matters only AFTER they have attended their fifth (5th) monthly club meeting.


48.  In the event of an altercation between members or any signed in participants, a BOD member will tell all parties involved to immediately go to their trailers for a cool down period of 20 minutes. Failure to immediately comply will result in ejection from the grounds for the entire family for the remainder of the race day. If that party does not comply with leaving the grounds immediately there will be a two week suspension for that race team/family no question.


 49.  "Transponder Rules:  Each handler is responsible to ensure a working, charged transponder is properly secured to the car (not in the pocket of the driver) when the car enters the track for any racing or timing event where transponders are required. When a car is pushed out without a transponder attached to the car they will be required to go tail. If they have it in their pocket they would go tail as well it needs to be attached to the car. If they have a transponder attached and it is not working we will switch it out then they can continue in their spot they were in. In time trials if there is no transponder on the car they will lose the opportunity to time trial and take a no time. In the event that a transponder fails to provide the required information the following procedures should be adhered to:

1. Scenario: Transponder goes dead during race. Action: The car will be manually scored and no penalty will be assessed.

2. Scenario: Transponder falls off during the race under green. Action: The race will be put under caution and the transponder will be retrieved from the racing surface. The car will remain in its current position and will be scored manually.

3. Scenario: Transponder falls off during the race under caution. Action: The transponder will be retrieved from the racing surface. The car will remain in its current position and will be scored manually.

For any scenario not covered above, the Race Director will have the final authority on the call or action with the assistance of the judges, as necessary."


50. A car entered in a Main Event cannot practice once it has participated in the Qualifying Heat, Lower Main or Timing portions of that event.  Any attempts to practice once a car has begun an event will result in that car starting tail during the Main Event.  Any car that has not participated in a Heat, Lower Main, or Timing session can practice during intermission prior to the start of its first Main.


51. Any members "quitting" their committee without coming to the Board of Directors to ask to be moved to another committee will be considered "not in good standing."

52. In order to hold the President or Treasurer Board position, you must have previously held the same or different board position for one year.

53. Once you retire from Silver City, you may still race but you are not eligible for points or end of the year trophy. You will still be qualified for weekly trophies.

54. All Super Feature races must have at least three drivers taking the racing surface. If less than three, the race will be pushed toward the end of the year in hopes there will be at least three drivers. If there still are not three drivers, the race can be held if the parents of these drivers agree to pay for one half of the cup trophies.

55. Board must make membership aware of any board members who are not in good standing according to the bylaws immediately upon knowledge of such violation, any board member who willfully tries to hide such knowledge from the membership will be terminated of their position. 


56. On the initial green start, if there is an incident and the whole field doesn’t cross the start/finish line then the field will go back to the original double file starting lineup and start again. There is only one shot at this, and the judges will have to make a call if there is another incident.


Deleted 3/20/20 - 57. Any tower member that worked at least 80% of the previous year for the tower, may have the right to be excused from concession duties. They must be signed up for tower for the current year they are applying for their exemptions from concession and work 80% of the year.

58. Each Silver City member (family) will be required to work at least one off-site (not at Silver City track) or Arrive and Drive promotional event per year. If a member does not comply, they will be subject to a $150.00 fine. You will not be able to race in the following season until the fine has been paid in full. 

59. Any member or non-member using vulgar or demeaning language about another family or diver will be asked to leave the track immediately. If they repeat this action again at any time, a COC will be filed against that Silver City member. A non Silver City member will be told not to return. This does not mean that a COC cannot be filed in the first offense. 

Deleted 2/18/22 - 60. After the initial green flag is waved, and a caution occurs, if a driver pulls or is pushed into the pit area for work, once the car has stopped it will be put on a two and a half ( 2.5) minute clock for the caution period.  If the car is not pushed off by the end of the two and a half (2.5) minutes, the car will get a DNF.  If there are multiple cars in the pits, each car will be put on their own two and a half (2.5)  minute clock once they are stopped. Timing will be done by the race director. 

61. When a caution comes out during a race, the flagger will line the cars up based on the line up posted by the tower. Any cars in the pits will then have 5 laps, as counted by the flagger, to complete repairs. After 5 laps, the flagger will point the green flag, signaling “one to go.”  After the signal is given, the pits are “closed” and any cars that are still in the pits and not rolling may not come out onto the racing surface. If another yellow flag comes out before a green flag lap is completed, the car may exit the pits onto the track under yellow as long as they are rolling before the next “one to go” is signaled. The 5 lap count will not restart. When the next green flag lap is completed, all cars in the pits will be scored DNF. 

62. Any member who is elected to a board position and accepts or any member who fulfills a position on the board that has become void during a race season and resigns prior to the completion of their designated term may not run for a board position or be nominated to fill a board position that has become void for the current and/or consecutive race season. If a board member who resigns from an elected position or filled position feels that they resigned due to extenuating circumstances and wishes to fulfill a board position at any time prior to the completion of the racing season of the consecutive year of their resignation must:

1) Request a member vote of voting members via notification to the board

2) The notification must be given at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting

3) Notification will be sent to club members upon notification to the board and a vote shall take

place at the next scheduled monthly meeting

The member will be eligible for a board position by majority vote of voting members only.


63. Each member claiming Silver City as their home track, with full regular membership, will be responsible for filling assigned Tower duties during the race season. The number of duties per season will be determined by the tower lead, presented for approval by the Board of Directors, and provided to the club prior to the May club meeting. If a member fails to work their assigned duty or a replacement is not found by the assigned member by the beginning of your shift, that racing team will start in the back in each heat and main race until the duty is completed. If a member or replacement does not show up for their assigned duty, an announcement will be made from the tower that a replacement is needed for that shift.  The replacement must be a member who has completed their novice tower training and be approved by the tower lead or designee for that race day. Any member that does not complete their tower duty by the last race of the season will be assessed a two-hundred ($200) dollar penalty.  The penalty must be paid before the racing team will be allowed to race again at Silver City. 

64. Any member that is part of the tower committee will be exempt from concession and bathroom (as long as it is in a rotation schedule) duties that may be assigned/required of other members. Tower committee members are required to work a minimum of one shift  (sign-ins and heats OR mains and shut-down) in the tower each race day or must be exempted by tower lead for each day they are not available. Tower lead and Board of Directors have the authority to reassign concession and bathroom duties to any tower committee member who is not completing their tower responsibilities.


65. Micron and Cameras (GoPros,etc) must have their lights covered or off during racing at dusk/dark.


66. If the weather is calling for rain or extreme heat with safety as a concern on a race day, the board will meet at 6:00am on that race day and decide if that same race day is canceled. The board will ask the club via email if people are available the next race day (typically Sunday) if weather looks better than current race day.  Once the decision is made to cancel and/or reschedule, the club will be notified by email/website/facebook.

67. Each member qualifying to “move-up” based on QMA Article 5, Class and Division Structure, Section 1 (G) must complete a new QMA Move Up form or update the QMA Move Up Form on file with the secretary, as well as have a current year safety sheet completed by the Safety Director or member of the Safety Committee for the new class to be run.  Both documents need to be provided to the Novice Instructor, Secretary AND Tower Lead prior to online pre-registration for the anticipated date of starting the new class.  Members that do not provide complete and accurate documentation of approval prior to the online preregistration, will not be allowed to race the new class until all documents have been approved by the Novice Instructor, Secretary and Tower Lead


Deleted 2/17/23 - 68. To run any Super Feature or Eagle Race, the driver must have participated in two prior events in the class in order to be eligible and has received approval to run competitively in the class.


69. Drivers must be in full gear ready for safety check by pole barn when the scoreboard shows 10 laps to go. Any driver not cleared by pole barn when their race is being pushed off may miss the race. Races will not be held up due to drivers not being ready. This does not apply to drivers in the immediate previous race.

70. Any board member with race day duties; race director, tech director and safety director, that fails to attend 20% of the scheduled races without providing 3 days prior notice to the board, excluding any unforeseen circumstances, will be immediately removed from their position.


71. Electronic driver communication systems are required at all Silver City events. Transmitter use must be limited to racers on the field and designated track officials only. Any unauthorized transmitter use will result in a DQ for the event.

 72. Drivers will not warm up tires once the signal to line up has been given by the flag person. A driver who continues to warm up tires while in single or double file will be placed in the back of the starting order. 

 73. If a BOD witnesses a threat of violence or any physical altercation there will be an automatic 2 week suspension of the offending party including the driver. If not witnessed by a BOD member and there is a complaint or COC filed regarding a threat or act of violence there will be an immediate investigation into the incident and if ounded there will be a 2 week suspension of the offending party and driver.


74.  If a handler is verbally or physically abusive to their driver during any part of the race day the adult member only will be given a two week suspension and the driver may still participate during that suspension with an alternate handler.

75. Any member found to be harassing, threatening, demeaning, or using vulgar language against or to another member whether it is a race day or outside of race day, regardless of avenue such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, text message, email etc.. will be subject to a 2 week suspension by majority vote of the BOD following investigation into the incident.


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